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    Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Once we receive your refund request, you will proceed with  the collection of the goods and refund of the amount paid by you within a period of 15 days.If you paid by credit card, we will pay the return associated with the same account.

The delivery costs and charges for oversized item which you might have been charged when you purchase online will not be refunded .

we will also reship your products free of cost  If we have delivered wrong products,If you have received defaced  products, If we have mistakenly sent your parcel to a wrong address.

Can I get a refund or exchange without a receipt?

 You must bring your bill to ensure that the correct amount will be refunded.

You have 7 working days to communicate your desire to make the return of one or all products of your order / s.To proceed with the refund, please send an email to the email address ([email protected])