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eonlinepharmacystore.com constantly updates its technology infrastructure to achieve a degree of information security in line with the requirements of eonlinepharmacystore.com and market standards.

Report any irregularity and help to put an end to phishing scams.If you receive an email from a different sender or notice suspicious or unusual when you want to make purchases on the site, refrain from doing such operation;if already started, cancel it immediately write to email: [email protected]Security measures on your computer (PC) Recommendations:

  • Install and constantly update antivirus system and a firewall (firewall) staff.
  • Regularly update your Internet browser in order to make use of our site even safer.
  • Do not make any banking or financial operations from computers and public networks or unknown Internet cafes, airports, hotels, shopping centers or universities.
  • Make your transactions only from your computer, from your home or office.
  • For your safety, never give out personal information to people who requests competitions, awards or any other offer.

A secure site allows all encrypted information travel from client to server or vice versa. Recommendations:

  • Verify that the connection is secure website, making sure that the lock icon appears in the lower right side or end of the address bar of your browser. This indicates that the connection is secure.
  • Https: check that the address field of the "S" appears after the protocol (http); this indicates that the page is secure.
  • eonlinepharmacystore.com  has Verisign certification for the customer and / or user to make transactions and operations through our website quiet and safe.

InternetBelow is information on viruses and tactics of deception that can undermine their safety is presented. Fishing (Phishing) This fraud is done by sending an email with a very compelling message that invites the person to enter, via a link to the alleged site of their bank or service company. Both mail as the linked page are identical, or nearly identical copies of emails and legitimate pages of your financial institution, whose purpose is to trick you into divulging personal and financial information, such as numbers of credit cards or debit cards, passwords, user names or other personal data such as your card number or NIT.

How to prevent it:

  • eonlinepharmacystore.com never send to your email links that lead you to perform operations that require the use of your password.
  • At the time of confirming the purchase of its  product, verify that the site is at eonlinepharmacystore.com Also, check the spelling of the address, as fraudsters often use addresses with a similar site name.

Keyloggers (Key Logger)

This type of software is typically installed in a "hidden" along with other programs that apparently have another purpose, such as games, greeting cards or programs that arrive by email. Its true function is to capture the information that is typed on the computer, especially passwords and credit card numbers.

How to prevent it:

  • Install and constantly update antivirus system and a firewall (firewall) staff.
  • Do not install software from unknown sources.
  • Avoid downloading programs that offer free access to payment services, customize the appearance of your operating system or social networks, or obtain passwords for email accounts or social networks.